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10th Anniversary of Clurgo – Reflecting on a Decade of Innovation

4/2/2024 Piotr Drajski


April marks an important milestone for Clurgo – our 10th anniversary. This is not just a moment for celebration but also an opportunity for deep reflection on our journey.

Starting with a simple vision during a lunch in Warsaw’s business district 10 years ago, our founders Michał, Marcin, and I set out to build a company focused on transparency, quick adaptation, and technological advancement. Over the years, we’ve developed a company culture centered on innovation, knowledge sharing, and a flat organizational structure where everyone’s input is valued.

Our story has been filled with projects that pushed our limits and set new standards. Below I share some key Clurgo projects that highlight our journey and the lessons we’ve learned.

1. Revolutionizing the Education Sector

One of our early projects involved creating a web-based self-learning application for Swedish secondary school students. The goal was not just to create an app but to significantly improve the learning experience for students. We delivered a mobile-optimized platform that allowed students to take tests, track their progress, and get feedback, quickly becoming the top app in its category in Sweden.

What We Learned: This project proved our team’s ability to deliver impactful solutions quickly and effectively.

2. National Traffic Disruption Platform: An Award-Winning Solution

Our work with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Poland on a national traffic disruption platform was a complex challenge that required a deep understanding of GIS interactive maps and the DATEX II interface. The result was a pioneering, real-time information platform that has been recognized with a European award. Very proud of the outcome and valuable experience with the public sector.

What We Learned: This experience showed our strength in handling complex, technical projects and delivering them successfully.

3. Large-Scale Modernization for Leading European Insurer

A pivotal project for us involved modernizing the IT systems of one of Europe’s leading insurance providers. By automating processes and enhancing system performance, we not only streamlined their operations but also positively impacted claims resolving flow for customers.

What We Learned: Our work demonstrated our ability to understand the client’s needs in multiple areas, and develop custom solutions that support growth.

4. System to Revolutionize Digital Communication in Poland

One of our most so-far complex projects was as ambitious as it was crucial for the digital transformation of public administration in Poland. In just nine months, we developed the Electronic Registered Delivery System (ERDS), a scalable and complex backend system compliant with EU standards. It now serves as the electronic equivalent of registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, marking a significant step towards the digitization of public administration. Our approach involved breaking down the system into microservices and employing cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

What We Learned: This project highlighted our skills in navigating regulatory challenges and delivering complex solutions within tight deadlines.

5. Innovating E-commerce Payment Systems

In partnership with a leading bank in Poland, we developed a secure, scalable internet payment system to meet the growing needs of the e-commerce industry. We were involved in the entire product development cycle, showcasing our ability to develop flexible and scalable solutions.

What We Learned: By participating in the entire product development cycle and leveraging an architecture that allows for changes in individual modules, we facilitated a rapid deployment of updates along with the client’s team.


6. Transforming Human Capital Management for U.S. Enterprises

Our project for a comprehensive Human Capital Management platform demanded expertise in handling complex data and system integration for half a million U.S. clients. We built a scalable, microservices-based architecture to streamline data collection (including employee, tax, benefits, and work hours information) and integration into the client’s systems. This project led to a more efficient onboarding and management process, enhancing overall operational efficiency and user experience.

What We Learned: Adopting a modern, microservices-based architecture was key to improving efficiency and user experience.

7. Digital Mailing Platform Redesign for Scalability and Efficiency

Facing the challenge of unsustainable subscription costs and scalability limitations, we reimagined a digital mailing platform for a client servicing EU businesses. Our solution, based on microservices architecture and Kubernetes, cut maintenance costs by 60% and improved scalability.

What We Learned: This project taught us the importance of self-reliance and efficiency in technology solutions. Open-source is sometimes a to-go option also for enterprises, if chosen and implemented wisely.

Reflecting on the last decade, it’s clear that our success is built on the hard work and dedication of our team. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities to continue delivering cutting-edge technology solutions.

A big thank you to my fellow Clurgo founders and team members for the hard work and dedication to constant learning – we wouldn’t go that far if we remained just a trio!

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