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Clurgo’s Tidbits of Technology: A Year of Tech Insights

1/31/2024 Karolina Szafrańska


At Clurgo, we know that our edge in the market is not just our expertise but our strong culture of sharing knowledge. This allows each developer to not only benefit from their own experience, but also to quickly tap into the shared knowledge base of the entire team.

How do we foster it? One significant tool is monthly Tidbits of Technology sessions. In these meetings, we delve into our current projects and discuss emerging technology trends, our challenges, and successes. These sessions are integral in keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of technology and fostering a united team spirit in our organization.
What were we talking about during the first year of these sessions? Look at the brief list below!

Tackling OpenAPI System Challenges

We launched the meetup series in December 22! We wrapped up the year with a focus on the complexities of building an OpenAPI system for large-scale customer databases. The discussion centered around strategies to manage and optimize performance despite the challenges posed by the vast size of the data involved. Find this topic interesting? Read the blogpost supervised by Marcin Bednarski Is Open-API a Good Solution for Your Business?

Mastering Apache Kafka & Other Queuing Systems

Next session was held by Krzysztof Dekarz, our team leader in Białystok location. It was a deep exploration of Apache Kafka, particularly its role in asynchronous message processing. A significant point of discussion was error handling in Kafka, specifically techniques to prevent and manage message queue freezes caused by recurring errors. The topic was so extensive that shortly afterwards we met once again to discuss the mechanisms of error recurrence in queuing systems. This time Mateusz Smagieł gathered knowledge on the subject and explained the common issues.

Innovations in Kubernetes Deployments with Argo CD

This session was dedicated to Kubernetes deployments, emphasizing the use of Argo CD. This discussion highlighted how Argo CD automates and streamlines deployments, eliminating the need for complex scripts and continuous deployment monitoring. Read blogpost by Sebastian Szczebiot 7 Tips to Unlock the Power of Argo CD: Streamlined Kubernetes Deployments to find out more.

Oracle Database Migration – Virtualbox to Docker

During this meeting, we focused on the migration of Oracle 12c databases from Virtualbox to Docker. The talk covered the efficiencies and time savings achieved through this migration, particularly in the context of running integration tests and managing database images. If you find this topic interesting, visit the article by Bartosz Jędrzejczak where he shares the scripts: Migrating an Oracle 12c Development Database from Virtualbox to Docker – step by step guide.

Real-Time Communication with Twilio Video Java API

The session held by Michał Chmielarz revolved around the use of Twilio Video Java API in facilitating real-time communication, particularly in a healthcare setting. This session underscored the importance of robust and reliable video communication technology in modern applications. Check the blogpost supervised by Michał to find out more on Twilio and analyze the scripts: Creating video calls with Twilio Java SDK: step by step guide.

Enhancing Security in User Authentication and Authorization

The meeting held by Rafał Koguciuk concentrated on designing secure authentication and authorization solutions. The discussion included an overview of best practices and security mechanisms critical for safeguarding user data and interactions in applications. For some do’s and don’ts on this topic visit the blogpost: 9 Cybersecurity Tricks to Remember When Building a Java Web Application from Scratch.

Leveraging AssertJ for Java Testing

The presentation by Marcin Depa was on AssertJ, an open-source library for crafting expressive and detailed Java tests. The session explored its advantages, including a fluent API, clear error messages, and the capacity for custom assertions. Very technical and informative!

Evaluating jBPM for Business Process Management

In the meeting held by Kacper Klimczuk we talked about jBPM, a Java-based tool for business process management. The discussion covered its practical applications, benefits, and limitations, providing insights into effective decision modeling and process management. Curious? Read more on the topic in the blogpost: Navigating Business Decision Modelling: An In-Depth Look at jBPM.

Considering Microservices and Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

November’s session held by Mykhailo Lasynskyi delved into the technical and non-technical aspects of migrating to microservices and Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The focus was on understanding when and why such a migration is beneficial, along with the implications for system maintenance and development. Read more on this topic in the article From Monolith to Microservices: Non-Technical Aspects of Migration.

Exploring Apache Flink’s Capabilities

That was quite an exceptional session! We invited colleagues from befriended company Ververica to discuss Apache Flink, an open-source framework for stateful stream processing. This session covered its wide range of uses and its adoption by major companies like Airbnb and Netflix.

The Balance of No-Code Platforms

The latest session presented by Piotr Narel explored the rising trend of no-code platforms. This discussion was centered around their intuitiveness, ease of use, and the potential risks involved. It also included a demonstration of creating a project using a no-code platform and a balanced view of their suitability in different scenarios.

Forward-Thinking through Shared Expertise

Our Tidbits of Technology sessions throughout the past year have been pivotal in advancing our technical knowledge and fostering a collaborative environment. As we continue our journey, these meetings will remain a core part of our culture, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological innovation and teamwork. Curious of the next sessions? Don’t forget to follow our social media and blog for more tidbits!

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