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Clurgo’s Trip to the USA. Meet us there!

4/12/2024 Karolina Szafrańska


Every spring marks a special occasion for the Clurgo team; it’s already a tradition that during this time of year we embark on a business trip to the United States. This is a cornerstone of our strategy to meet face-to-face with our clients, understand their latest needs, and immerse ourselves in the heart of the technology world.

This year, our journey through the US is strategically planned around two significant events that align with our core mission of leveraging cutting-edge technology to advance our clients’ goals: the Netflix Data Engineering Open Forum in Los Gatos and the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) in Boston.

Our detailed itinerary is as follows:

  • Silicon Valley: 16.04 – 19.04Highlight of our stay will be the Data Engineering Open Forum at Netflix on 18.04. Netflix has curated a compelling agenda that addresses key challenges and the latest innovations in data engineering. Topics such as Machine Learning for Auto Remediation, Generative AI for Data Modeling, and Building a Data Platform in a Post-GDPR World will provide us insights into how top companies are enhancing their data architectures to overcome contemporary challenges and streamline operations.
  • New York / Boston: 19.04 – 25.04From 23.04 to 25.04, we’ll be at the ODSC East 2024 in Boston. ODSC is renowned for its comprehensive programming that includes over 300 hours of talks, more than 50 hands-on training sessions, and 75+ workshops. This conference is a treasure trove for anyone involved in data science, featuring 250 of the top speakers in AI and machine learning, and providing unparalleled networking opportunities with over 3800 attendees from various industries.

    Why These Events Matter

    Our participation in these forums is not merely for knowledge acquisition but a strategic endeavor to ensure that Clurgo stays ahead of the curve. By engaging directly with technological thought leaders and diving deep into the latest trends and methodologies, we enhance our ability to anticipate the needs of our clients and adapt our solutions accordingly. This proactive approach is essential in maintaining the relevance and efficacy of our services.

    Between Events – Exclusive Meetings Available

    In the intervals between these events, we are eager to connect with individuals and companies interested in exploring cutting-edge technologies. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for us to discuss potential collaborations and understand how we can help you leverage technology to achieve your business objectives.

    Stay tuned for updates as we share our experiences from each conference!

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