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Team Clurgo in Israel 9-12.10. Meet us there!

10/5/2023 Karolina Szafrańska


We haven’t even had time to unpack our bags after our inspiring trip to the USA, and we’re ready to hop on a plane again! Last week we attended Current 2023 in sunny California, networking and sharing knowledge about all the things related to data streaming and Kafka technologies.

Next week, we will be meeting with our clients in Israel.

Market trend: automation and orchestration of systems

In 2023, the business landscape is all about optimizing existing solutions rather than reinventing the wheel:

Enterprises often use a mix of software from different vendors, each with its own tech stack, standards, or protocols. This lack of standardization can complicate integration efforts, requiring custom solutions.
In a legacy system, maintaining scalability and optimal performance can become a struggle. The best solution may be to either automate systems or orchestrate them.

That’s why next week we’re reaching out to both our current and prospective partners in Tel Aviv, Ra’anana, Natanya, and Haifa with some vital questions:

  • What’s slowing down the progress towards your goals
  • Where do you encounter bottlenecks within your team’s workflow?
  • Which areas demand constant firefighting, leaving little room for growth?

An in-depth analysis of our subject matter experts in areas of systems orchestration using Kubernetes, DevOps, CICD tools & UX/UI custom solutions bring may clear answers to these questions.

Consistent UX to optimize software development process

Just among our Israeli clients, we can conjure up the case when augmenting the team with a new UX designer is about to optimize the entire software development process. When an enterprise business is running on several or more internal systems and the frontend developer is tasked with supporting, developing, and refactoring code in each of these systems, consistent UX and coherent design may have the quickest effect in reducing the ManDay needed for improvements.

Counterintuitive? Well, imagine a front-end developer getting tasks from several different teams – each concerns one of the internal systems, but there is no single part of the work that can be reused as each system has its own design. Simply put: to the front-end team it seems like several different clients, and work needs to be done several times, even though on paper the team works for only one enterprise client. It takes time and is not at all effective.

Our solution?
We organized workshops with each team responsible for internal enterprise systems on the client’s side. We asked questions and listened to answers. We proposed new solutions and came up with some ideas for shortening the processes of work review and acceptance.
We move forward fast, each sprint providing new designs that are already accelerating the software development process considerably.

Want to find out how we see your challenges being solved?
Book a workshop with us via Calendly and tell us about the areas that need to be optimized.

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