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By running only the relevant tests, you can reduce the testing cycle time by 30% to 80%.

Our Isreali-based Client provides the answer to a fundamental challenge faced by most large organizations: delivering top-notch software swiftly. Running every single test for every build or release can be a resource-intensive process that slows down the development pipeline.

Client's Challenge

Our client was looking for a highly specialized software partner that could work confidently across multiple technologies, and adapt to clients in different time zones and business cultures. The checklist is continuous: the new team should understand the Java-related ecosystem at the lowest level, and handle non-standard problems that can't be solved with answers found on Stackoverflow. Last but definitely not least, they needed a team with deep understanding of enterprise customers in banking, insurance, telco, whose business processes are more than complex. A partner that can easily combine enterprise-level thinking and a start-up work pace.

Clurgo's Solution

We joined client's teams in two areas: first is working on code refactoring, system maintenance and building new features. The other is developing a critical part of the system–infrastructure of agents that drills into the customer's environment, and collects footprints to send them back to the main system, which decides on testing relevance. The Clurgo team works with developers on a client's side on a daily basis, influencing critical improvements in the areas of test optimization, software quality data collection, integration testing, and new features development. Let's look at some examples of our significant input.

Fast Time to Value: Rapid Customer Onboarding Instead of Complex Solution Adoption

Our client faced challenges related to the long product onboarding time. The full process demanded a lot of work by DevOps, developers, testers and product owners on the customers’ side before they could assess if their business will benefit from subscription.

Modifying existing pipelines used to build application versions was particularly complex. Why so? There is no standard way to write build scripts, so every case and every system looks different. The enterprise client had to adapt to the agent's requirements, and this required modifying the scripts, testing them, and ensuring backward compatibility and continuity of work. The next step was to configure the tested application, taking into account the changes made to the build scripts. The configuration demanded a lot of effort by the potential client on a sensitive level of the selling process, when they were not yet sure if the subscription will provide promised benefits.

The solution of automated CD Agents helped to accelerate and simplify the procedure. System setup is currently limited to the configuration of the applications to be tested. Everything that was previously done in CI/CD processes is automatically discovered by the CD Agent (resolve, discover), and minimal manual configuration is required. This approach provides users with rapid deployment of 90% of the functionality without the need for complex changes to CD processes. The missing 10% are just nice-to-have features, not critical for the entire solution relevance. The solution was designed with reverse compatibility and performance requirements in mind. Before, some of the items performed by CD Agents were executed by running the tested system. We optimized the solution and implementation to ensure high performance of the client’s application.

Footprints Record on S3 Optimization for a Substantial Cost Cut

The system’s architecture consists of agents for Java, .NET and Node.js that communicate with the backend. The client attaches agents on the CI/CD and tested application process, initiates tests and listens to the process execution, then passes information to the backend. The footprints arrive at the backend, where they are analyzed and preliminarily transformed before being stored in AWS S3. This process was suboptimal as agents may generate a high volume of footprints, resulting in high S3 maintenance costs. We designed a solution that optimizes the process and minimizes the number of data sent: instead of multiple records generated by agents, we send a single, consolidated file. Benefits? Substantial cut on the cloud and infrastructure costs.

Results & Benefits

  • Our team helped to create a product’s Demo Version, which shortens the time to value. The prospect client can test core functionalities and capabilities of the product after days, not months. Demo version features the most crucial functionalities and allows the enterprise client to assess quickly whether they can benefit from the subscription.

  • Working in a spirit of partnership and dedication to the customer's success, our team initiates changes that have a significant impact on the operation of the system, such as the implementation of a queuing system or changes that result in space savings in the cloud.

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